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We would like to give our highlight for the seafood products in the year of 2024. We provide you the list of products and pictures. Please enjoy!

Tuna Seared – Elevate your dining game with our sensational Tuna Seared! Expertly crafted from the finest ingredients. This dish transcends the ordinary, offering a symphony of flavors and a nutritional powerhouse that celebrates freshness and health.

Our Tuna Seared undergoes various treatments, including CO infusion, Tasteless Smoke, and an infusion of antioxidants, ensuring a culinary masterpiece that caters to your every need. Whether you crave an innovative cooking technique or a burst of healthful goodness, we’ve got you covered. Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of sophistication and deliciousness because your discerning taste buds deserve nothing short of the exceptional!

Cooked Octopus Tentacles – Embark on a gastronomic journey with our exquisite Cooked Octopus Tentacles, where succulence meets perfection in a symphony of oceanic flavours. Immerse yourself in the culinary excellence of tender tentacles sourced from the depths of quality, promising not just a meal but a celebration of seafood artistry.

Our expertly cooked tentacles deliver a burst of taste that dances on your palate, inviting you to savour the essence of the sea with every bite. Elevating your seafood experience to new heights, where tenderness intertwines seamlessly with exceptional taste.

Let our Cooked Octopus Tentacles redefine your seafood cravings, offering more than just a meal – it’s an oceanic symphony for your taste buds. Indulge in the extraordinary, relish the sea, and make exceptional flavour a permanent fixture on your menu. Because, with us, exceptional flavour is not just an option; it’s a culinary journey that deserves to be celebrated.

BT Head On – Presenting our culinary masterpiece: the Black Tiger Shrimp, Head On – a true embodiment of unparalleled luxury in every exquisite bite. Picture this: succulent, plump shrimp with their heads gloriously intact, weaving together a symphony of flavors that transports you to the summit of seafood indulgence. Sourced with meticulous precision for perfection, these Black Tiger Shrimp are not merely a dish; it is a lavish expression of the ocean’s finest offerings.

Each shrimp in this collection boasts an additional layer of richness, ensuring the taste experience is extraordinary. In culinary excellence, we redefine the standard, leaving you with an unforgettable taste of expensive taste.

Prepare to savor the extraordinary with our Black Tiger Shrimp – where culinary craftsmanship meets the pinnacle of indulgence.

Blackpink The Black Pink prawn is a species of significant commercial value in Indonesia. This marine species is typically found at the bottom of shallow waters, reaching depths of up to 92 meters. It can grow up to 17cm in length. Known for its firm texture and delicious taste, the Black Pink prawn is versatile and makes a fantastic addition to any dishes you pleased such as salads, sandwiches, and prawn cocktails when cooked.

Value Added Shrimp – Value addition is the enhancement added to a product before the product is offered to customers. Products processed as “Ready to eat’, ‘Ready to cook’, ‘Ready to fry’, ‘thaw & eat’, ‘Heat & Serve’ and ‘retail raw branded products’ and other high unit value in export market are considered as Value Added Products. Increasingly popular for restaurant chains, pre-battered or coated shrimp are shipped completely prepared for cooking at the restaurant kitchen, which can greatly help logistics. Frozen entrees, such as ready-to-eat microwavable meals, are also popular. These are the ultimate goal of many operations, but require sophisticated cooking plants and training to achieve the high standards necessary.

Tuna Antioxidant – Presenting our exceptional Tuna Antioxidant, a culinary treasure that goes beyond the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the exquisite blend of tender tuna and a symphony of vibrant antioxidants, creating a flavor harmony that will enchant your taste buds. Carefully sourced from the finest ingredients, our Tuna Antioxidant offers not just a delightful gastronomic experience but also a health-conscious choice, rich in essential nutrients. Elevate your dining journey with this perfect balance of taste and well-being, where each bite is a celebration of freshness, quality, and the nourishing benefits of antioxidants. Indulge in a culinary masterpiece that reflects sophistication and mindful dining, leaving a lasting impression on your palate.

Don’t worry if you are in a need of Non-CO tuna products but still want that natural colour of the tuna, then this Tuna Antioxidant could be an alternative choice for you.

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