Loading Supervision

Our container loading supervision service has the primary objective of ensuring the correct and secure loading of products into the container. This container loading inspection encompasses various aspects, which may include:

1. Quantity confirmation, verifying the items, production codes, stock numbers against a packing list or invoice.
2. Examining both the external and internal conditions of containers for operational integrity.
3. Inspecting the cleanliness of trailers or containers to identify debris, insects, vermin, and similar issues.
4. Monitoring and recording temperature conditions during loading.
5. Assessing the quality of packaging.
6. Verifying the accuracy of labeling and shipping marks to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements
7. Documenting any observed issues that occurs during the loading process.
8. Capturing photographs to document the packing and loading procedures.
9. Recording container, vessel, and seal numbers for reference.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive oversight and quality assurance throughout the loading process, regardless of the mode of transportation selected.

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