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Interesting insight from our CEO – Christopher Tan, the Thai shrimp industry needs to relook at the direction it’s taking or risk being left behind.

Thrilled & honoured to have been invited by the U.S. Grains Council to present on the current state of the Thai Shrimp industry to young Thai shrimp farmers.

Did you know:

  1. While Ecuador has increased their shrimp production fivefold in the past 10 years, Thai shrimp production has stayed stagnant?
  2. Ecuadorian shrimp production has continued to grow despite low prices in 2023.
  3. 80% of Thai shrimp is exported. Only 20% is consumed locally.
  4. Thailand’s shrimp industry is expected to be worth 1% of its GDP.

The industry should look inwards to its developing home market of 70 million people & its wonderful food scene!

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