What exactly do we do?

As an international seafood trading company, Mida Trade’s services can only be described as thorough.

From market information, to quality control,
to the logistics of shipping – we pay attention to our buyer’s needs each step of the way.

See how we do it…

Buyer Intelligence

For 25 years our knowledge of the seafood market and market trends have been the backbone of the work we do. We have developed expertise about developments in the industry and lead the way for upcoming trends.

We possess comprehensive knowledge of buyer needs, requirements, expectations and strengths, their position in their market, reputation, and basic strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to provide services specific to their needs.

Seller (Packer) Assessment

We assess suppliers not only in terms of the capability of their management team but also in their efficiency and readiness to keep up with the buyers’ standards of quality. We pay close attention to their ability to source raw materials as well as their commitment to food safety standards and to business ethics.

Plant Audit

We audit plants to ensure that international sanitation standards are followed. We know and are trained about all certification standards, as well as getting certified ourselves. Upon request we inspect processing plants to gauge their compliance with environmental and social responsibility issues. Our representation of some processing aid suppliers, aquaculture products and processing equipment further enhances our ability to audit a plant’s performance.


We negotiate with our clients for the best price, the most effective shipment dates, and the quality and traceability of the product.


We oversee cargo progress by monitoring packaging status and stock production regularly. We guarantee that all country requirements regarding food labeling and packaging are diligently followed ; and ensure that reliable, timely updates are relayed to all relevant parties. We handle all the paper work for the execution of contracts, assuring our buyers of an orderly delivery of their goods.

Quality Control

We meticulously inspect the final product, making sure these are compliant with all the buyer requirements, and report all the findings to the buyer. We will also on request do online production monitoring to ensure that especially first time relationships or new products are produced as expected.


We witness the loading of cargoes, photograph each row being loaded into the reefer, ensure the temperature of the loading van is at least -18C, and make certain the cargo leaves on the day and time it is supposed to. No stone is left unturned to ensure that what is ordered is what is correctly and efficiently delivered.


All shipping documentation is coordinated carefully with the packer, and in some cases we help prepare them and do final checks for the buyer. We make sure that all documents are sent promptly in time for cargo arrival at destination, advise our buyer of other documents that may be needed, and we help ensure that payment is made on time and smoothly.

Follow-up on Buyer

After the completion of the project, we get in touch with our buyer to follow-up if cargo has been received and if product was in good condition. It is critical for us to know if our buyer is satisfied with the product and supplier performance, and pleased with Mida Trade’s overall service.