• MIDA FOOD Distributors, Inc.

    Philippine distributor of seafood. 

    Partner since 1999

  • MIDA TRADE Ventures, Singapore

    Global Export of Barramundi, Fresh and Live Fish, Leader in the Asian trade for Chilean Seabass. 

    Partner since 1995

  • TEQUISA tecnicas quimicas industriales, s.a.

    Mida Trade has been exclusive distributor of Tequisa products in the Philippines since 2007. Tequisa is the leader in Seafood Preservation Technology for over 25 years and is based in Vigo, Spain.

  • Laitram Machinery

    Mida Trade Partners in providing shrimp cooking, peeling and grading equipment, all manufactured in their facilities in New Orleans USA. Laitram has been our partner since 2008

  • Sunwell

    Mida Trade represents the company that patented the technology on slurry ice systems.  Many have tried to copy the Sunwell technology but have not progressed in the technology nor can they offer the full package of providing the storage and delivery system for the deepchill .  Sunwell headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada.

  • Octofrost

    Based in Sweden, This is now the leading provider of IQF technology with their progressive take on the impingement freezing system, the most economical cost of freezing and all in the most compact and small footprint system. Octofrost has been our partner since 2014.