Mida Trade was established in May 1990, by founder Ms. Lourdes “Chingling” Tanco. With 25 years experience in the International Seafood Industry, Ms. Tanco gained her experience in the industry having worked with Singleton, the largest shrimp processing company in the US in the early 80’s.

Ms. Tanco established Mida Trade to service US importers, processors and end users of seafood who wanted to import frozen seafood products from the Far East. Mida Trade also provided assistance to processor-exporters of seafood in the Far East who wanted to expand their markets outside of Japan. Since then Mida has expanded its range of business to include Europe, Australia, and other markets in Asia. 
Chona Valles Chingling Tanco of Mida Trade
Mida Trade’s head office is in Manila, Philippines, and it maintains two offices in Indonesia: one in Surabaya, and another in Jakarta. Traders, inspection and logistics personnel staff these offices.

Mida Trade handles all types of frozen seafood, mostly shrimp (in all forms), fish (in all forms), and for our Singapore clients, live and fresh seafood to specialized markets.

Mida Trade has continuously expanded since its inception and has now partnered in exclusive partnerships with Seafood processing machine manufacturers and experts in food preservation technology to distribute their state of the art products in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Mida Trade’s Historical Timeline

Mida Trade has continuously expanded since its inception due to the incomparable quality of products delivered to its clients.

  • 1990, May 21 – Mida Trade was founded in Manila.  Mida Trade was the first to export seafood to the US from Indonesia, greatly influencing the global exporting of the seafood industry in Indonesia.
  • 1992 – Mida Trade office was established in Surabaya
  • 1995 – Mida Trade office was established in Jakarta
  • 1996 – Mida Trade introduced Tuna Panga and belly to the Philippines and changed the foodservice landscape in the country. The product has become a staple in many restaurants since then
  • 1997, June 26 – Mida Food Distributors, Inc. ,  Mida Trade’s sister company,  was founded in the Philippines to address the economic crunch in 1997 which brought about the upward spiral of seafood prices, so that even the prices of the staple Filipino fish, galunggong soared beyond the reach of the Filipino man on the street
  • January 8, 1999 – PT Mida Mas Perkasa Indonesia office was born
  • 2007  Mida Trade Manila is chosen to be the exclusive distributor of Tequisa, the front line of technological research and development for all the food sectors, specially connected with the fishing and aquaculture sectors.
  • 2008  Mida Trade Philippines and Indonesia are chosen to be the sole representative of Laitram Machines, premiere global designer and manufacturer of seafood processing equipment.
  • 2008 – Mida Trade Website is Launched
  • 2013 – Mida Trade Manila is appointed to be representative of Prawnto  Machines (The cutting edge of shrimp preparation and processing)
  • 2014  Mida Trade Philippines and Indonesia are chosen to be the representative for OctoFrost™, proven to be the most cost-efficient freezer in the market.